Miami Specialty Cakes - Unique Birthday Cakes in Miami
Three tier minnie mouse cake, dots and stipe themes
Make That Birthday Extra Special
Make it a unique Cake
Birthday cakes are an important celebration symbol, and often a focal point at a  party or reunion. Andrea's cakes at Miami Specialty Cakes always enhance any display as they are and simply beautiful and will provide further delight when served to your guests. Guests are always being pleasantly surprised when they discover that Andrea's home-made cakes taste as delicious as they are beautiful. Andrea works with her clients to customize their birthday cakes to suit their particular needs.
Is more affordable than you think
Our small family business is quite economical, and we use the best ingredients to make our cakes. We design as part of our service. If you feel that you are not creative or design oriented, we will sit with you and help you sketch, design and customize your unique cake.
Tailored to your taste buds
You choose your flavors and ingredients. Nut free environment, Kosher, vegetarian, organic, low-fat... No problem. We'll work within your dietary requirements and preferences. * Also Eggless Cakes, Wheat less cakes, soy free cakes.
We can make it all Natural Ingredients with No Preservatives, Eggless Cakes, Wheat less cakes, soy free cakes   All Custom made to your needs...
 avi cadavi cake fondant, stars and stripes theme
Pirate cake, treasure box, all eatable
Princess crown cake, my little princess fondant
Oscar and cookie mosnter cake
123 Plasa Sesamo cake
kalimba copy
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